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Start Your Own Affiliate Program Workshop


Now it’s time to diversify your income and add more streams of revenue. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to get started and scale. Affiliate marketing is a must have in this new world we’re living in. Almost everyone you talk to has an affiliate for something they love and support. Why not add your brand and business to the ever growing list of stand-out products and services with affiliate opportunities? Not only would you build brand awareness, scale your business, create more revenue streams, but you would also be supporting those who support you! It’s literally a win-win and how this new business paradigm creates an impact. Your products and services are meant to reach so many more people and change lives. And you can do this flawlessly with my AFFILIATE PROGRAM WORKSHOP. I take you through my tried and true strategy to get you running & scale your very own affiliate program that you’ll love. In this workshop we’ll be covering: • Affiliate commission • Tech • Communication • Contracts • Recruiting • Training & marketing • Feedback, networking and so much more. Bonus Includes: • Affiliate Contract Template • Affiliate Program Starter Checklist • Profit Margin Calculator • My top 12 recommended affiliate software programs including pros & cons.

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