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All About Skincare Routines | 5 Main Skin Types And The Best Products To Use For Them

We all have different skin types, so it makes sense that our skincare routine would be different as well. In this article, we are going to cover the five main different skin types and the best product types for each of them.

The basics of skincare.

At the end of the article, we will allow you to download a checklist that tells you the proper skincare routine on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Stay tuned in to learn how to maintain radiant skin with the help of our article and checklist.

Here is the basis of any skincare routine:

-Wash face with proper soap for your skin type

-Use a toner

-Apply a serum/moisturizer

-Apply daytime or nighttime eye cream.

-You also want to make sure regularly exfoliate and apply face masks.

-Lastly, there are things like eyebrows and dermaplaning.

This may seem overwhelming but in all reality, it just takes a few minutes to do. If you keep up a healthy facial routine every morning and night, you will notice a visible improvement of your skin before you know it. Don't forget to keep reading and download the skincare routine checklist at the end of this article.

Now that we've gone over the basics of what a routine is let's talk about the different skin types Each of us is unique in our skin type and we need to be using facial products that work with our corresponding skin type. We're going to talk about the main five types (more than 5 exists but these are the most common) of skin.

5 main skin types

Normal Skin Types- People with normal skin types usually don't describe as oily or dry. Generally, people with a normal skin type exhibit very few fine lines and wrinkles and maintain an even skin tone with little to no blemishes. Those with normal skin types should use products that don't make their skin feel overly greasy.

Dry Skin Types- People with dry skin types may feel areas of dry tightness, patchiness, or flakiness in some areas of your face. Usually, those with dry skin types have invisible pores, premature wrinkles, and irregular irritation to the skin. To maintain a healthy skin barrier, dry skin types should moisturize often. This will help replenish your Skin's essential oils. Generally, creams work better for dry skin types when compared to lotion. You will want to avoid harsh soaps and avoid taking extreme hot long showers is this can strip crucial oils from your skin.

Oily Skin Types - Most people with oily skin types will exhibit visual shininess and blemishes. Often people with oily skin types neglect moisturizing their skin in fear that it will make their skin too oily, this is a myth. Moisturizing is very important to oily skin types, you just need a moisturizer that works with your skin. It is also important to lightly exfoliate oily skin as the buildup of oil can cause dead skin cells to become trapped in the pores and lead to acne and blemishes. Oily skin types tend to do better with facial serums with distilled water being the primary ingredient as well as emulsified sugar scrubs that allow the water to mix with the oils in the sugar scrub and wash off the face completely.

Combination skin types- features two more different skin types on the face. People with combination skin typically experience dryer flaky skin in certain portions of the face, while experiencing excessive oils in other portions. Many mistakenly believe they have oily skin when they have combination skin. Combination skin is the most common skin type but it can be hard to identify and treat. People who have a combination skin type need to stick to all-natural ingredients, rather than harsh processed chemically based treatments, because the harsh chemical products will over-dry your dry areas while overproducing oil in your oily areas. Chemically based treatments include any skincare products that include fragrance oils. It's important to use two different types of moisturizers. Use a heavier moisturizer on your skin that's excessively dry and use a lighter moisturizer on the oily parts of your face.

Sensitive skin types- may share common aspects of dry, oily, or combination skin, but also deal with great amounts of redness and irritation. Sensitive skin types can be caused by conditions like rosacea, eczema, or allergies. For sensitive skin types, it is also best to avoid harsh chemical-based skin care treatments. Sensitive types of skin get easily inflamed so it's important to choose the right natural skincare for sensitive skin to avoid adverse reactions.

Why is a skincare routine so important?

Every single day the face has a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, oils and free radicals. This is what causes uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and acne. Maintaining a daily skincare routine can overtime visibly improve the appearance of your face by reducing these fine lines, blemishes, and imperfections.

Remember that prevention is cheaper than treatment. If you want to avoid harsh and invasive skin treatments like botox and chemical facial peels in your future it's best to start today. The best way to prevent this is with a daily facial routine.

Use all-natural products.

As we mentioned before it is better to use all-natural products that don't contain harsh stripping chemicals. These chemicals can overtime make your skin worse especially when used daily. This is why Renew You Body Butter just launched a line of new facial products. Each product is all-natural, organic, handmade with conflict-free ingredients, and designed to visibly improve the appearance of your face.

We have a new face wash, facial oil, facial toner, and facial scrub.

Learn about our all-natural ingredients and the healing benefit they provide to our products below:

Face Wash:

Organic black soap -

Shea butter - moisturizing and nourishing

Lemongrass essential oil - kills free radicals

Lavender essential oil - reduces inflammation

Rose essential oil - balances pH

Frankincense essential oil - repairs damaged cells and promotes new cell growth

Facial Serum:

Jojoba oil-

Coconut oil- great for sensitive skin

Lemongrass essential oil- kills free radicals

Rose essential oil- balance Skin's pH

Frankincense essential oil- repairs damaged cells and promotes new cell growth

Facial Toner:

Witch hazel- kills free radicals

Organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother)- balances Skin's pH

Aloe vera juice- Mounsutizes the skin

Lemongrass essential oil- kills free radicals

Lavender essential oil- reduces inflammation

Rose essential- oil balances the Skin's pH

Frankincense essential oil- repairs damaged cells and promotes new cell growth

Click below to download our skincare checklist here:

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