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Five ways to reduce stress and anxiety naturally while at home

Today we are going to look at some alternative options for reducing anxiety naturally. We will talk about things such as the importance of mental health, holistic healing herbs, self-care, reflexology, and positive coping mechanisms. During the 2020 Worldwide pandemic of COVID19, millions of people all around the globe are stuck at home isolated and quarantined. Isolation can be detrimental to mental health, so instead of our usual "self-care" content, we decided to change it up a little bit and bring our readers self-care surrounding mental health.

Mental health awareness and maintenance. First and foremost it is important to recognize red flags when it comes to our mental health. Being in confined spaces, especially with a lot of family members, can lead to a lot of mixed and or heated emotions. Instead of letting those emotions boil over and create a toxic home environment, it is good to do constant self-analysis to make sure our emotions are in check and help our household members to keep their emotions in check as well. It helps when you maintain a healthy diet, get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, spend at least an hour in the sunshine every day (if you can), and create a safe space to share emotions. There are many online therapists and counselors available at this time. Some are even free if you are eligible. Herbs to reduce anxiety and stress

Before starting any herbs make sure there are no contraindications between the herb you plan on taking and any medication you might be taking. Here are some in nervine class holistic herbs that are known to help reduce anxiety and stress. -Ashwagandha -Chamomile -Lavender -Lemon balm -Valerian root Self-care Routine

During this quarantine, most of us are stuck at home for days upon end. When you're sitting at home for such a long time you tend to fall out of our self-care routine. Even though we are not seeing visitors are going out in public, it is important to maintain daily hygiene. In addition to your standard showers, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, shaving, maintaining your nail beds, and whatever else your hygiene regimen includes, this is the perfect time to try new skincare products! Support local stores by shopping for new skincare products online. You can leave this quarantine feeling and looking better than ever. Yoga and reflexology.

Performing daily yoga is a great way to get your body moving and to remain grounded during this uncertain time. Yoga is shown to improve overall well-being and promote homeostasis within the body. Doing yoga every day will help you prevent your body from getting stiff while being stuck at home. In addition to yoga, you can also incorporate some simple reflexology (as shown in the graphics charts). These target your nerves associated with stress and anxiety and can help reduce headaches and migraines.

Positive Coping Mechanisms

Last but not least are positive coping mechanisms. You will hear a lot of people shun negative coping mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol, but no one is focusing on some positive coping mechanisms that you can replace them with. During this downtime, it is good to have a constructive hobby to keep yourself preoccupied with constructive daily habits. It's a wonderful time to start an organic garden, work on that project that you've been meeting to get done, do some home improvement, or pick up something like art. This will help you fill your downtime, and prevents space for you to fall into negative coping mechanisms. When times are extra stressful and you are tempted to fall into negative and toxic pattern try to replace them with positive coping mechanisms instead. Below are some things you can do to replace your current negative coping mechanism. -Exercise -Journal -Draw -Take a bath -Clean the house -Listen to music We hope that you have enjoyed this article on how to reduce anxiety using all-natural methods while we are all quarantined. Please share this post and browse our online store to shop our luxury and organic products.

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2 komentarze

Snita SP
Snita SP
29 maj 2020

This is great! I've got a better understanding now - thanks for sharing!


I think anxiety, and feeling fatigued can get doubled up if you are somebody who doesn’t work from home, or just come home to sleep.

You have shared realistic tips to change that. Much respect, Kayshaun!

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